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5 Natural Ways to Slim and De-Puff Your Face

Now, I’ve been known to have a puffy face from time to time.. especially the day after eating something super salty or seafood. I kid you not, my eyelids and face reflect my diet and are the first thing to balloon up after eating something salty, not sleepy enough, or *cough* *cough* a night of drinking. Because of these, I’ve come up with my own natural methods of de-bloating and sliming down my face!

1. Ice Roller
In my opinion, this is by far, the easiest way to combat puffiness. I found out about ice therapy and ice rolling specifically recently, and have been hooked ever since! I’m really excited to share with you guys this tool, in particular, because it’s been so helpful and so convenient! 
How you use this is place it in the freezer for a couple hours. Then, just roll it starting from the inside of your face outward, and BAM! Your puffy face will go down.. it’s also super relaxing might I add!
Ice therapy and ice rolling are very beneficial to your skin in many ways. I discussed this in more detail in the video, but ice rolling is good for skincare, acne, skin irritations, de-puffing, and your body! It helps with skincare by prepping the skin for applying your products! With acne, it can prevent a massive acne flair up because icing the area diminishes the redness and the severity of the acne. I compare it to a bruise.. in restricting the blood flow temporarily, it can reduce the redness. Plus, icing is a soothing and natural way to relax the skin. Ice rolling is also great after a wax or any type of skin treatment that might irritate the skin (microdermabrasion, facials, etc.) as it, again, helps with puffiness and calms the skin. Of course, ice rolling slims the face as well! On top of ALL that, I like to roll it on my body if I’m sore from a workout as a light massage and I also roll it on the back of my legs to prevent cellulite! 
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2. Cucumbers
We’ve all seen it on TV or in magazines.. people wearing cucumbers on their eyes while doing some type of face mask. But did you ever wonder why this is such a common treatment? Since cucumbers are high in water content, they help nourish the skin. They’re also packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, which is awesome for the skin! I always keep sliced cucumbers in my fridge as not only a snack, but a relaxing way to de-puff my face and eyes whenever they’re bloated!!
3. Green Tea Bags
I drink a TON of green tea. I drink a cup or two a day so I’m always left with a ton of green tea bags. What do I do with them after I’ve drank the green tea? I put the used tea bags in the freezer and store them away until I need them to de-puff and treat my skin. Green tea not only has a lot of antioxidants, like the cucumbers, but they’re very calming very the skin. This is not only good for puffiness, but it’s also good for skin irritations! I like doing a green tea facial every once and a while and feel like it’s an easy way to perk up my skin!
4. Coffee Face Mask
Like green tea, I drink coffee everyday. If you’re an avid coffee drinker like I am, you’re probably always left with a little bit in your coffee pot after you drink your fill. I will sometimes take this leftover coffee, place it in the fridge for an hour or so, and then dip cotton pads into the coffee to apply to my face. Why does this help? They coffee stimulates the skin and it really wakes everything up encourage lymphatic drainage (which is probably a major cause for your puffy face!). The coolness also works as a cold compress and once I’m done, I’ll just rinse my face and continue on with my day!
5. Sweating
I know, some of you are going to hate me for this tip. However, working out is an AWESOME way to de-puff fast.While you’re working out, you encourage blood flood to other areas of your body. Why is this helpful? Because it gets your blood circulation moving and also encourages lymphatic drainage, which flushes everything through your system! Plus, I swear by sweating. Sweating for me is a big reason why I think my skin looks nice… it’s because it pushes everything bad out and just gives me a nice, healthy glow. There are so many healthy benefits to working out, so here is just another reason why you should be doing this regularly if you’re not!
Well guys, I hope that was helpful for those of you who have been suffering with a puffy, bloated face like me. Always know, you’re human and we’re all just doing the best we can right? 🙂 So no big deal if you do get puffy-faced… there’s always something you can do about it!