First Impressions: Starting my 14 Day Tiny Tea TeaTox

Hi gems! 🙂 Recently, I was contacted by to see if I would be interested in doing one of their TeaTox programs. Of course, I said yes because I’ve never tried one of these programs before and I’m also on the lookout for new and different ways to add healthy fixes to my life! I just received the box of tea yesterday and wanted to give you a first impressions of what I think of the tea so far. Officially, this is my second day, so I’m just giving a brief explanation of what my goals are and what I think of the tea so far 🙂

Disclaimer: I was sent the product, but the views and opinions I express are completely my own. I am, in no way, influenced by the company to post in a particular way. Just to let you know 🙂

So first off, they sent me their 14 Day Tiny Tea Teatox. This program costs $35 on their website. Here’s a quick breakdown of what this is specifically supposed to do.

Ingredientsoolong tea, jue ming zi, he ye, shan zha, lai fu zi (Chinese herbal ingredients)

Directions: My teatox came with 42 packets of tea bags. Since this is a 14 day program, you’re supposed to drink the tea 3 times a day, 30 minutes before or after a meal. 

What it’s supposed to do:
 In a nutshell, what this teatox is supposed to do is aid digestion, balance the body, and restore digestion. On the website, it does say that it will can help you lose weight, but technically this is not what the tea is designed to do. Essentially, this would be good for someone who is looking to reboot and restore your body. 

What makes this tea unique: According to the website, the main difference between this teatox and other teatox is it doesn’t have a laxative effect. Therefore, you can confidently complete this program without having to worry about it inhibiting your daily lifestyle (aka no running to the bathroom every 5 seconds!)

For any other questions or information, please be sure to check out their website! They have a very thorough explanation of how the teatox works and how it can affect your body. 

Sorry for the blurry photo -_-

Now, I want to discuss my experience with the teatox so far! 

Taste: Ok, this is where I’m a little “if-y”. I do like tea, but I actually prefer coffee over tea (If that’s any implication as to what my tastes are like). And this tea does have a very “herbal” taste to it. If you have any experience with Chinese or Korean herbal medicines, I would liken the taste to that except very mild. So if you don’t like that “natural” taste, I would definitely drink this with lemon or honey. If you don’t like tea…. then why are you reading this?? (haha I’m kidding of course.. )

Smell: Again, it has a very natural smell. If you’ve ever smelled any type of Asian herbal medicine, or gone into a store that has natural asian medicine, it smells just like that!

Side Effects: So far, I’ve drank 4 of these teas (I started yesterday). I did experience a headache last night, but that’s gone away. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the teatox specifically, but I haven’t experienced much yet (Hey, it’s still the 2nd day!)

Anyways, let me know if you’ve ever done a tea tox! I’ll keep you updated on my experience so please check back or check my Youtube Channel, The Beauty Breakdown, as I will be doing a video about it when I finish!

xoxo, Morgan   

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