clothing and fashion haul from seoul

Pt. 3 Haul from Seoul, Korea!: Clothes, Fashion, Shoes, and Purses!

Here’s the final installment of my haul from my visit to Seoul, Korea! I got a lot of cute things while I was there are LOVED how cheap everything was! Watch the video below from The Beauty Breakdown to see other things I didn’t mention in this list including jewelry and accessories! 🙂

Here some pictures and prices (from what I can remember) of the things I bought 🙂 By the way, I’m telling you the prices in USD… during the time I visit Seoul, the exchange rate for 1,000 won was 1 USD. So it’s just easier for me to tell you USD 🙂
These are high-waisted shorts I bought by Ehwa Womens’ University. I paid $10 bucks for them.
I bought this Khaki-colored crop top in the area surrounding Ewha Womens’ University as well. It was $5 bucks!
Around Korea, we would find these $10 purse stores! Everything in them cost $10 each! So my mom and I snagged a ton of cute styles 🙂 What a steal right? I even ended up using the bright pink one in the lower right corner during my stay in Korea! They had a lot of these stores in the Insadong area, which was where we were staying.
I bought this in the subway. haha. I don’t actually remember which stop in particular (they have tons of underground shopping in the subways so it’s not difficult to find good deals and cute things down there!) but I do remember this was $5 bucks as well 🙂


I spent the most money on this coat… it cost $40! I like a good deal so usually I don’t spend that much even at home on one thing, but I thought this was so cute and unique! I bought it by Ewha Womens’ University (lots of good shopping there!)


Another great shopping place for clothes is Dongdaemun! They have crazy multi-level stores that go on forever. I bought this top for $10 🙂


I bought this top from the same vendor as the top above. It was also $10.


How could I go to Korea and not buy shoes? This style was super popular during the time I visited and I saw so many women wearing the exact same shoes! Plus, these guys are super comfy! I bought them in Insadong, literally right outside of where we staying, and they cost $15.


I bought these shoes in the subway for $10. Again, I can’t remember exactly which stop, but they have tons of booths in the subway pretty much on everystop, especially the main ones!
One thing I was really excited about buying in Korea were glasses. If you wear glasses or contacts, you know expensive they can be, so I only own a couple pairs. (Glasses in the United States are so expensive! I’ve paid anywhere from $200-500 dollars just as a reference) I bought these in Nongdaemun for $35! How great is that! They’re nor brand-name or anything but I loved that I could buy some funky styles for so cheap! And yes, did I meant, they’re prescription? 🙂
This was another fun pair I bought. They also cost $35 and I bought them from the same place. Should I do a post on how to buy/where to buy glasses in Korea? Comment below if I should 🙂

xoxo, Morgan