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Trying a TON of JAPANESE Makeup for the First Time | Full Face of First Impressions!

Hey guys! Wow, look at me go! I’m back on my website posting written reviews haha. Anywho… so I just posted a video where I test a bunch of Japanese makeup. I kind of purchased all these items blindly, not knowing how they’d perform or really what they’d do. Now, due to the fact that this video is a first impressions, I really didn’t give a full review of each product. This is where this post comes in! I wanted to compile my thoughts about each of the products so you’d know where I stand.. and also let you know how they lasted throughout the day.

Let’s get to the breakdown…

anessa sunscreen and sana pore putty bb cream

Anessa Perfect Facial UV Sunscreen (LINK)

So I’ve actually heard of this sunscreen before I picked it up to try. I was a little… let down by this. Personally, I like sunscreens that I don’t feel on my skin. I gravitate towards sun milks, gels, etc., basically anything on the light side. This was a bit thicker that I like and it took a bit to rub it into my skin. It also left quite the white cast on my face.

Sana Pore Putty BB Cream (LINK)

At first, I really liked this! It blended onto my skin nicely and had a nice finish. However, as it set on my skin, it felt really dry and powder-y. Of course, I have dry skin, so that’s obviously why I found it drying. Also, the coverage of this is very low. Your skin needs to be in good condition to wear this. I feel like people who have fairly clear but oily skin would like this.

canmake concealer and ettusais beads powderCanmake Color Mixing Concealer (LINK)

I felt like this was a nice concealer. I liked this because it was easy to blend and looked nice under my eyes. You can really see a difference in the video when I applied this! However, this is not a very long-lasting concealer. It ended up creasing after a couple hours. I would say this would be best for covering spots or slight pigmentation issues.

ettusais Beads Face Powder (LINK)

How could I not pick this up?! It’s freakin’ ADORABLE. You know me, I love a cute product. The little flowers inside are different colors, which I’m assuming helps with color correction. The only thing about this powder is that the flowers are very hard. This makes me feel like I have to grind my brush in this powder to pick any product up. Cute, yes. Excellent powder, maybe not.

kose visee glossy eyes and canmake perfect stylist eyeshadow

Kose Visee Glossy Rich Eyes in Burgundy Red (LINK)

When I first applied this, I really liked it! Like I mentioned in the video, the texture of these shadows reminded me of the texture of Colourpop eyeshadows. They’re buttery and smooth and glide onto the eyes nicely. It has a beautiful finish that isn’t overly powder-y either. Both of these palettes are not super pigmented, but I have a feeling that goes along with the trends in Japanese makeup. For my personal preference, I like eyeshadows that are more pigmented. Out of the two, I liked this palette more than the Canmake one. I will say, this did not last a while. Again, you can see in the picture below, my eyeshadow has worn off.

Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 11 (LINK)

The packaging of this Canmake palette is gorgeous. That’s about all I can say. I wasn’t impressed by the shadows themselves, or how they looked on my eyes. The texture was smooth, but these really didn’t show up on my eyes.

kiss me heavy rotation eyebrow

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow (LINK)

To be honest, I was super surprised by this product. I usually like to use pencils or crayons in my eyebrows, not necessarily eyebrow mascaras. This one, on the other hand, was an excellent brow product. This gave my brows a good amount of color and was really natural looking. You couldn’t see where the color started and it blended in really well! Once it dried, it set and my brows were set in place! This was pretty much the only product that lasted the whole day haha.

majolica majorica lash king mascara

Majolica Majorica Lash King Mascara (LINK)

Ugh. Fiber Mascaras. I really don’t get along with them and to be honest, I don’t know why I keep trying them! I guess its because I know a lot of people like them. For me, fiber mascaras get tangly, do not thicken my lashes as much as I like, and the fibers fall off during the day and get in my eyes. This one was really no different. You can see in the picture below a fiber on my cheek! When I washed my face at the end of the day, I had a hard time removing this.. and I didn’t even get the waterproof version! I don’t like mascaras that are difficult to remove because I feel like I’m tugging at my eyes to take them off. I’m going to pass on this one.

canmake blush

Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks in Apricot Fleur (LINK)

This is a pretty, light, and natural blush. Of course, the design of this is gorgeous and super pretty. It blended onto my cheeks nicely and gave a good, sheer flush of color. I did not detect any shimmer or glitter!

canmake lip tint and balm

Canmake Lip Tint Jam in Cherry Jam (LINK)

This mystified me at first. It’s a tint… but not really. It’s lip color… but not really. I assumed this would be similar to Korean lip tints, but boy was I wrong! The texture of this was slightly thicker and the tint of this was … lacking. I mean, the color was really pretty, but it’s super light. It’s also doesn’t last like the tints I’m used to. Again, didn’t really care for this.

Canmake Your Lip Only Balm in Clear Black (LINK)

WHAT IS THIS?! I was so confused. I genuinely thought this was going to change in color more. However, you could actually see a bit of black in the cracks of my lips. Not cute. This is supposed to be a balm! Aren’t balms supposed to be more forgiving when it comes to dry lips?! Correct me if I’m wrong. haha.

What My Face Looked Like At the End of the Day

So this is what my makeup looked like at the end of the day… much of it has worn off. The makeup I picked out just didn’t seem to last very long 🙁 I would say the only thing that really looked good were my brows haha. Also, you can see, I have a little fiber on my cheek… so the mascara definitely shed.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this review and video! I’m still working on the site, so expect some more changes… all good of course 🙂