The Ultimate New Puppy Shopping List

When I started thinking about getting a puppy, I had no idea what I’d need. This would be my first dog as an adult and something that would solely rely on me for all its needs. I did feel a good amount of pressure because I wanted to make sure I did right by the new puppy, but it was also a super exciting time to plan! I did pick up a couple things before I brought Buddy, my great pyrenees puppy, home, but I also accumulated some of these as I found the need. Below, I’ll list a lot of the items I bought for Buddy in the first month, whether or not I found them useful, and where I got them from! I hope this is helpful in planning for your pup!

Let’s get to the breakdown…

Puppy Training Items

American Kennel Club Puppy Pads: I found these and they’re ok. If you’re planning on potting training in an apartment like I am, these are an absolute must! We put these out on our balcony and Buddy has gotten used to going out and using them. This is a temporary option for us because we do plan on taking him outside to go potty in the future, but we’re waiting till he has all his vaccines before we talk him out in public. The reason why we use these is because they’re super affordable and as you’d expect, we burn through these fast! So affordability is a definite must!

Top Paw Puppy Pads: These pads are SO much nicer than anything I’ve used. They’re extremely absorbent and I’ve had no issues with leaks. I also like that they had little sticky tabs on the back so they don’t blow away! They come in different sizes, which is also helpful if you have a larger breed dog. These are more expensive, so I try to use these sparingly.

Pet Training Clicker: It’s never too early to start training! I picked these up because I’d like to work on clicker training with Buddy. We’ve had a couple training sessions using these and I think we both have a lot to learn! All in good fun though, and I’m optimistic we’ll make good progress.

Bodhi Dog Bitter 2 in 1 No Chew and Hot Spot Spray:Buddy likes to chew on things he’s not supposed to… like the furniture. To try to protect my personal items, I’ve been using this apple bitters spray. It’s supposed to naturally deter chewing but I’ve noticed he sometimes licks it off and continues his bad behavior. I’ve heard it works well for other dogs though, so if you’re having a chewing issue, it’s worth a shot! I’m all about natural deterrents, so if you find it works for your dog, more power to you!

Puppy Toys

Flat Duck Toy No Stuffing: I’ve discovered my pup loves soft things to chew on. I thought this was going to have crinkle material inside, which he also likes, but I must’ve misread the description. It’s literally a no-stuffing duck plushie. Simple as that! He still enjoys playing with it though and carrying it around.

Top Paw Figure 8 Rope With Ball Dog Toy: I grabbed this from  as a nice tug-o-war toy. He likes it, but it’s not his favorite toy. I think the rope is too rough for his soft baby teeth. Maybe as he gets older, he’ll find this toy more interesting.

Top Paw “Great Catch” Flyer Dog Toy -Crinkle: Buddy loves to play with discs and frisbees. This one is perfect because it also combines a crinkle texture and it’s smaller and easier for him to pick up and run around with.

Top Paw Elephant Flattie Dog Toy Crinkle: Like I’ve mentioned a couple times already, my puppy loves crinkle texture toys. Something about the sound makes him go crazy! This is perfect for him because he likes to chew on the softer texture, it has long limbs for him to pull on, and it has the crinkle in it!

Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy: Naturally, we had to pick up some ball toys and these are great because they’re tough and have a little texture to them so it’s easier for a puppy to grip with their teeth. These come in multiple sizes, so you can pick which option is best for you and your dog!

TrustyPup Penguin Plush Dog Toy with Silent Squeaker: I didn’t know a “silent squeaker” was a thing until I saw this toy! I’m not sure it actually works because Buddy seems to react more to other squeakers that make noise, but this toy has been awesome because it’s one of the tougher ones I’ve picked up. Since Buddy is chewing everything, he’s already chewed through a lot of plushie toy. However, this one has held up a bit longer than others.

Interactive Dog Toys 

Kong Classic Dog Toy: This is an absolute must! I picked up a Kong toy and boy is this a lifesaver for me. When you get a puppy, you’ll find all your free time goes away. It’s nice to have a little peace and quiet sometimes, and interactive toys offer you a little solace by preoccupying your pup for a bit. I like stuffing these Kongs with all kinds of different things for my puppy to try. I’ll even put Buddy’s lunch into a Kong, so his lunch is a little more interesting. I use the original Kong and also have a couple puppy Kongs. It’s nice having different sizes and multiple Kongs so when one is in the freezer, I have others available to use!

Znoka Arctic Freeze Fetch Food Toy Ring : This is also a nice interactive toy for puppies that will help soothe painful teething. You can actually freeze this for your puppy to keep them cool and put little treats in the slots to make it more enticing. Again, it’s another item that keeps Buddy preoccupied!

Starmark Treat Dispensing Dog Toy : For this interactive toy, you put kibble or treats in the center of the ball and your puppy rolls it around to get the food out. I like this because I can hear it rolling around my house, so I know where he is and if he’s still playing with it. This is also a nice option for fast eaters because it’ll slow your dog down!

Dog Chew Toys

Benebone Durable Chew Toy : I can’t emphasize how much puppies like to chew on things! I picked up a couple different options for Buddy to see which one he responded to. We grabbed this because it was recommended to use. It’s long-lasting and super durable for the most vicious chewers!

Petstages Ruffwood Wooden Chew Toy: Did I mention my dog likes to chew on furniture? I grabbed this to see if he’d like chewing on this more since this is a simulated wood product. It’s also super durable and affordable and if it’s save my furniture, I’ll be super happy. Buddy does chew on this for a little bit, but gets bored haha. At least I can use this to try to encourage him to chew on this instead of my stuff.

Brutus and Barnaby Dog Bully Sticks : Buddy is absolutely obsessed with these. These are a healthier alternative to rawhide and keeps him preoccupied in his crate. It’s excellent for when it’s time for him to settle down. He usually chews on this for an hour or two, and then we take it away after it gets about 2-3 inches long so he doesn’t choke on it. It’s always best to monitor your puppy when giving them anything… especially chew toys/items!

Wellness Natural Grain Free Puppy Bite : We are working on training Buddy and these are the treats we’ve been using. I like these because I can rip them apart and make them even smaller so I can make sure I’m not giving Buddy too many treats! He really loves these and comes running when he hears the bag open.

Walking Essentials

Top Paw Mesh Comfort Harness : Of course, we have a harness and leash for our pup! These are also excellent training and walking tools!

Top Paw Gunmetal Leash : This is the leash we grabbed at Petsmart. It’s nothing too special but gets the job done!

Mile High Life Night Reflective Double Bands Nylon Dog Collar: I picked this up from Amazon because Buddy obviously needed a collar. This works fine, but I think I’ll eventually upgrade to a leather collar with a metal clasp for training purposes. A well-fit collar is super important when it comes to training and I find this one slips around too much for my liking. For the time being though, this is fine for around the house and getting him used to wearing a collar in general.

lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs: Buddy has a longer coat and we live in an area that can get warm. Although we plan on walking him early morning and late evening to avoid the majority of the heat, I still want to have water available for him at all times. I like this because it’s compact and straps right onto his leash! It’s perfect for the car as well!

Only Natural Eco Friendly Poop Bags: Glamorous, I know. These are a must to keep on hand! These are pretty self-explanatory, but I did opt for ones that are green and more biodegradable.

Home Puppy Essentials

Amazon Basics 2-Door Dog Crate: We are currently crate training Buddy. This is helpful for potty training, obedience training, etc. I like this crate because it’s affordable, comes in multiple sizes, has a few door-options, and comes with an optional divider so you can increase the size as your dog grows.

Stainless Steel Dog Bowls: These are your basic stainless steel dog bowls. I like that Buddy can’t pick these up, because he has a habit of grabbing his bowls, dumping them out, and running around with them. These also have a silicone slip-resistant bottom.

Gorilla Grip Silicone Mat: These are for under his food and water bowls. This is also a non-slip texture and a raised edge so it’ll keep all the spilled food and water contained.

Top Paw Dog Gate: We also use a puppy pen when we’re in the living room or other parts of the house. This is nice for keeping his safe but also near us. I like this because it’s a solid build and you can also buy extensions for it if you’d like to increase the size.

K&H Pet Products Coolin’ Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed: I noticed Buddy enjoys laying on our cool tile so I picked him up this great cooling cot bed! It’s was also very affordable, has the option for purchasing replacement parts in the future, and supports his growing joints! He’s slowly starting to understand this is his bed and he hops up on it by himself!

So I hope you guys enjoyed my extensive list of items I picked up for my new pup! Let me know what your must-haves are!


FTC: Links provided are affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if you decide to purchase through them!