Korean beauty things you should NEVER do

Korean Beauty Things You Should Never Do!

Ok, so I felt like this video deserved a post on the blog as well. I’ve noticed that although Korean Beauty has been gaining popularity, there are also some things that are being done…incorrectly. I don’t like using that term because I feel like I’m being very patronizing. Also, let’s face it…there’s really no definite way to do anything. There always several ways to do something and different methods in makeup and skincare. However, there could be certain things you’re doing that’s not utilizes Korean Beauty to its maximum potential. So, I’m here to clarify! But hey, if you are doing these things and they work for you… by all means… don’t let me stop you!

Let’s get to the breakdown… 

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1. Not washing off your sleeping pack

Sleeping packs are meant for…well…sleeping. I know all of us sometimes get lazy in the morning and decide to skip washing our face. If you applied a sleeping mask the night before, then this is a HUGE mistake. Leaving sleeping masks on the following day can causes breakouts because it’s collects dirt and oil … and then you’re applying makeup on top of that *cringe*. I’ve experienced it myself. I literally forgot to wash my face (hey, I get wrapped up in work!) and then immediately had little breakouts all over my skin. I understand, sometimes we’re running late or don’t have time for a whole skincare routine in the morning. At least, use a cleansing water or face wipe on your skin though. Moral of the story, start your day off with a fresh face… ALWAYS!
2. Rubbing vs. Patting 
If you’re familiar with Korean dramas or you’ve watched Korean skincare commercials, you’ll notice that everyone majestically pats skincare onto their face. Is this just a ploy to sell skincare and make it look more luxurious?! No. It’s actually a technique. The idea behind this is that through patting, you’re increasing the absorption of your skincare. You’re essentially slapping (ok, don’t slap that hard!) the skincare into your pores so it absorbs more effectively and faster. Also, when you pat your skin, you don’t agitate your skin as much as you would when you rub your skin. It also bring blood flow to the area, which is thought to be healthy for your skin. Side note: I once took a yoga class where we started each class off with 5 minutes of patting the skin on our bodies. I always thought this was silly (I’m sure it looked silly) but I have to say, my skin and body did feel more energized. If anyone knows the science behind this, please share!
3. You’re not double cleansing your skin

Double cleansing is a Korean technique where you use a cleansing oil/balm first to break up your makeup and then you cleanse your face with a face wash. Why is this important? Simple. When you don’t double cleanse, you’re not really cleaning your skin. The first step is using a cleansing balm or oil to breakup your makeup, sunscreen, etc. I know what you’re thinking… if I don’t wear makeup, should I still double cleanse? Yes, because I’m assuming you’re at least using a sunscreen everyday (SMH if you’re not! Protect that skin!). After you breakup all that makeup and rinse your skin, then you can use a cleanser to wash your skin. This step actually works into the pores and removes all the impurities. If you just go straight to your face wash without using a cleansing balm or oil first, your face wash is working hard to remove the makeup, sunscreen, free radicals. It doesn’t actually get down to your skin.

Here’s what I use to double cleanse if you’re curious!

4. You’re not toning your skin 
Toning in North America is a little different than toning in Korea. In North America, toners are usually very astringents and harsh on the skin. It’s not suitable for dry skin because it dries your skin out. It could also over-strip oily skin and cause your skin to produce more oil. In Korea, toners balance your skin after cleansing and adds moisture to your skin. Think of it as a reset for your skin after washing. It’s super important and helps the rest of your skincare routine absorbs more effectively.
5. Don’t be too rough with your skin
For this point, I’m also referring to toning. You’ll notice some people really pull at their skin when they’re toning. You don’t need to be rough with your skin! Just gently swipe the toner over your skin. The toner will do the work! Also, always swipe in an upward morning. You do this to fight gravity and prevent premature sagging/wrinkling!
6. Pat on cushion compacts, don’t swipe
Wow, I talked a lot about applications methods! Now this one, I can’t really fault people for. Cushion compacts have become more popular in the last year and I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers reviewing cushion compacts. However, most of them are not into Korean Beauty, nor do they research or follow it. Because of this, it’s assumed you’re supposed to swipe on the foundation. However, the correct method is to pat the foundation on. The foundation will have higher coverage, will look more smooth, and will blend better. Plus, I LOVE air puffs and I want everyone else to see how amazing they are! To do this, you must pat, not swipe and you’ll experience the magic that is the air puff!
7. You’re using eyelid glue or tape
*Sigh* I know this is going to be rough for those of you guys who use eyelid tape or glue. I’m really doing this as a PSA so you understand the consequences of using these products. They might make your eye appear larger and give you the effect of a double eyelid, but they could permanently stretch your eye. Anything that is pulling at your eyelid for prolonged periods of time will stretch the skin and cause it to sag. So even though it might correct something, it could also be causing another issue. Just keep that in mind! I know that some people also use them thinking that it’ll eventually create a double eyelid but unfortunately, this is not how it works. This might be slightly controversial but there’s no way that these will permanently create a crease. If you don’t believe me, just do a little research. A lot of doctors and plastic surgeons (who are professionals!) say that these do pull at the skin and cause sagging.
I hope you guys enjoyed this video and maybe learned something! Let me know of some other things you’ve noticed are being done incorrectly or videos you’d like to see!