[REVIEW] New Etude House Any Cushion Cream Filter First Impressions

I know, I’m a sucker for cute packaging. Who isn’t though?! I saw Etude House’s promos of this cushion and I was smitten. Call it love at first sight? Yes, I think so. This is the new Etude House Any Cushion Cream Filter so…

Let’s get to the breakdown…. 

Wanna pick one up too?! Here’s where I got mine

I REALLY like the packaging of this cushion. Personally, I’m really liking what Etude House has been doing lately. I’ve noticed they’re really slimming down their cushion packaging. Not only does this make it more compact, but it just looks so sleek. And can we talk about the holographic cover?! I’m obsessed. It’s so beautiful and eye-catching!

The back of the box and compact

The coverage of this is low. This does not cover a lot of imperfections and you would definitely need to use a concealer with this cushion. If you have great skin already, you could probably get away with using this alone. For me, I like my pimples, dark circles, etc. to be perfectly concealed so I would’ve liked this cushion more if the coverage was higher.

I have a dark, little freckle on my wrist. I use that to demonstrate the coverage 🙂 

The formula of this cushion is extremely blend-able. It’s very effortless and in no time, you’re perfectly blended. The formula of this is also a bit sticky upon first applying this. This helps with the adherence to the skin, therefore, making it very easy to work with. Also, this cushion has a “net” aka, the filter. This helps the foundation smooth over the puff more evenly. In turn, making it easier to work with as well.

Shades. Shades. Shades. This is something that, for most, is an immediate “yes!” or “deal-breaker!”. Fortunately, Etude House came out with 5 shades for this cushion foundation! Thank goodness. I personally feel like more Korean Beauty brands need to come out with a higher range of shades. There’s vanilla, petal, beige, sand (the one I got!), and tan. I included the promo swatches in my video, but if you’re still unsure, I would definitely recommend checking out other live/blog swatches online. Always super helpful, right?!

This lasting-ability of this is.. meh. I felt like a lot of it wore off by the 4-5 hour mark. Although, this isn’t necessarily marketed as a long-wearing cushion. I feel like a little primer and powder would make it last a lot longer. However, on it’s own, it doesn’t last spectacularly long.

This finish of this is another win for me. I love how natural this looks. Now, when I heard this was a “moisturizing” cushion, I was torn. I loved the packaging, but I know myself… I usually don’t like moisturizing or dewy cushions. I just don’t like the look personally! Although, this is always a battle because I do have dry skin. To me, this cushion was the perfect balance. I LOVED the glow, didn’t find it overly sticky or wet, and loved that it kept my skin hydrated.

Overall: 3.5 out of 5 stars
This is not going to make your skin look perfect… unless your skin is already really nice. I do find this is a nice, light cushion but I love me some coverage (like most people I think!). I just wish the coverage was a little higher and that it lasted for a bit longer. Do I think this is a bad cushion? Absolutely not. Is this a must-buy? Absolutely not. Worth a shot if you’re curious but keep in mind the notes I made above 🙂 For more information, swatches, and a demo, don’t forget to check out the video review I did of this! Also, check out my youtube channel, The Beauty Breakdown, for more Korean beauty, travel, etc!