Shu Uemura x La Maison du Chocolat 2018 Holiday Collection Review

Ah, yes.. it’s that time of year when all the beauty companies come out with their holiday collections. To kick it off, I’ll be discussing the new 2018 Shu Uemura x La Maison du Chocolat Holiday Collection. I was sent the products to share and review for you guys, which you can see in the video below. Also, before I go any further, I’d like to note if you’re interested in purchasing anything from the collection, you can use my BEAUTYBREAKDOWN for 15% off your order + free shipping on the Shu Uemura website until January 1, 2019!

Let’s get to the breakdown…

The first notable part of the collection are the two Ganache and Praline eyeshadow palettes: Dark Cacao and Framboise Berry. The Dark Cacao palette features more cool tones neutral earthy shades while the Framboise Berry features warmer cranberry shades. Personally for me, I prefer the Framboise Berry palette. I feel it looks more youthful and fresh on me while I tend to look a bit more mature with shades like the ones in the Dark Cacao palette. As far the eyeshadows themselves, the pigmented is quite good. Am I blown away? I can’t say I am but I do feel that these are great stand alone palettes. I have swatches in the video for those of you who are interested! You can also see the look I created in my instagram post below!

In this collection, there are 12 different lipstick products and shades: 6 Rouge Unlimited Supreme Mattes, 4 Rouge Unlimited, and 2 Magic Metallic Lip Liners. Overall, I really like the shades in this collaboration with La Maison du Chocolat. They’re as delicious as they sound and I find that each color is super flattering. I honestly can’t name one shade I don’t love. I picked a favorite which I share on my instagram but I even find that hard because it was difficult to pick one. If you were to pick a formula, I’d definitely recommend the Unlimited Supreme Mattes. They’re a more forgiving type of matte lipstick and don’t emphasize every dry bit on your lips. The questionable products for me out of the lip products are for sure the Magic Metallic Lip Liners. I mentioned this in the video review, but I’m not quite sure what to do with these. Maybe when the holiday season is here, I’ll be more willing to experiment with shiny, metallic lips!

Moving onto some face products, we have the Shimmery Powders. These are ultra-shimmery and glittery highlighter products that would work well on a lot of different areas. These are not for the faint-at-heart because boy are these bright and uber glittery. I prefer something a bit more finely milled for my cheeks but I have been using these on my eyes as well as dusting it on my chest and shoulders for an eye-catching when I go out. As a note, I did not receive the Creamy Dome Blushers, which were also part of this collection. That’s why it’s not featured in this post!

Besides the new shades and products that were launched for this holiday collection, Shu Uemura also relaunched some of their classics.. but of course they’re all packaging in this beautiful La Maison du Chocolat themed packaging. The relaunched/repackaged products include their famous eyelash curler and the Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil in two sizes. I will definitely be putting the Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil in my shower… not only to use but because it will look great for the holiday season as well! lol. You can also purchase their holiday train case as well!

Overall, I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed the Shu Uemura holiday collections. I feel like they do an excellent job of doing fun and exciting collaborations but also maintain the quality of their products. If you’re curious about their 2017 holiday collection. I also did a video review, which I will also put down below for those who would like to see!

FTC: I was sent these products from Shu Uemura for review purposes. They did sponsor the video, which I’ve placed above but they did not sponsor this post (besides providing the products!).